NFL & College Football Helmets Holiday Tips!


This time of year many people who many not be familiar with collectible football helmets are buying them. Here are a few key things to know:

(1) Logos and stripes on almost all NFL & NCAA helmets are decals. This surprises some people, but the main reason removable decals are used is because football helmets get banged up. Equipment Managers simply replace the decals as needed to keep the helmets looking nice.

(2) Replica vs Authentic Football Helmets - the main difference is interior padding. Authentic helmets are the real thing as seen on the field including full interior padding. Replica helmets are less expensive copies or reproductions of what you see on the field that contain cosmetic padding just for show. Both are great for displaying so it is just a personal preference.

(3) Can you wear these helmets? We can't stop people from putting a helmet on their head, but we sell them only for display. All NCAA helmets must include some kind of no-wear device and the new NFL Riddell Speed Replicas now have a no wear safety device. Collectible helmets are NOT sold as safety equipment.

(4) Why don't I see Riddell on the helmets? Before the 2014 season a new rule was implemented and Riddell would no longer be visible on any helmets. All current day helmets now have a team specific decal on the front and throwback helmets are now blank on the front. Riddell also no longer appears on the chinstrap.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

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